Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween! The time of the year that ghosts and goblins come out to play! It is time for all to make new Halloween memories! May this Halloween be a good one!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Todays Pin Keeper

I got an email form a CQI member the other day showing me a pin keeper that she made. It is a beautiful pin keeper that was done in yellows with the most wonderful stitching.
She had stated in the email that she was not able to participate in the CQI pin keeper swap but she wanted me to see the pin keeper that she did. As I said it was wonderful, just beautiful!

So in returning her email I told her that I would be proud to swap with her. So here it is. The pin keeper that I made for her:



I had taken my time with this one as I had wanted to play with the design a little bit. I printed up the silkie from a trading card that I had recently found in the clutter of my desk. All of the stitching was done in silk ribbon, the high lights are from my recent going broke marathon in my favorite store. I am hoping that my new friend likes what I have done with the pin keeper.

This pin keep will be off to Finland tomorrow.


Friendship Pin keepers

I am starting to go through my pictures so that I can start posting. Here are two shots that I thought that I would share with you first. The top one is my first attempt at and under the sea theme. I made this for a special friend. She has such a free spirit. I immediately thought of a sea sprite. So this is what I made for her.
After giving it to her she told me that she loved the sea. That her home is full of ocean and sea things. I have since lost touch with her. I am not sad because one day I know that I will see her again.

This next Pin Keeper was given to a very special patient of mine. She was in one of my nursing homes that I service for recovery and rehab. When I would go in at night before I could draw her blood, I would have to help her pick up pins from her bed as she was hand piecing blocks and dropped them all over the place. So I made this for her so that the loose pins would be kept at a minimum. She has been since sent home. I also know that I will see her again as I am hoping to enter into the Austin Quilt Show. She lives in Austin and attends the show. She is also a member of the Austin quilt guild.

God gives us friends. No matter if they are here for a life time or for just a little while, we need to cherish that friendship. They are the people who help shape our lives. They help us become who we need to be.

My Sister Blog

My CD Pin Keepers have been taking on a life of their own. So I decided to create a blog all for them! Well here it is , this is it. I will be posting pictures here in a few. Please bear with me as I sort this blog out.