Monday, February 23, 2009

I Keep Telling You It Is The Tree!!

I had been running behind on some blog prizes. For the past two weeks I had been working fifty hours a week and over. I had been stitching as fast as I could but time just seems to slip away! The good news is I am finished with them all! WHOO-HOO!!!

Okay this top one is for the "Catch My Star" blog teaser. It goes to a wonderful Crazy Quilter who won the big prize! I thought since the last pin keeper that I made for her was dramatic, I thought that glitz was on the order for this one! I am hoping that it is truly over the top glitzy for her!!

Here is the back. Don't y'all just love the 50's evening gown fabric?? I do too!!This next one is a big surprise for a really great lady. The hint is she has fallen and hurt herself and I am hoping that when she gets this that all the hurt fades a bit! I looked at the likes and dislikes chart and chose the colors that she had listed.

On the front I know that the piece of velvet is a little too small to appreciate the fabric so I took a picture of the back. I was in one of my favorite thrift stores when I found this one.(For those of y'all who don't know, I get the vast majority of my fabric from thrift stores. Besides making these pin keepers from old CD's it is the best way of going green!) I did not know at the time that I got this fabric that I would be doing this pin keeper. The fabric just spoke to me!

Now, here is the last pin keeper! Like I said above all, it was the tree for the delay! When this pin keeper said TREE I had to put one on it! So here it is in all of its glory! I am happy that I did it though. It just makes the pin keeper! I hope that the person who receives it likes it!

It is now on to other projects! I have a CQ meeting to get ready for.