Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A One Week Project

For the last week I have been kinda quiet. That is because of family demands I had to rush to make pin keepers for a charity event. My sewing group that meets here on the second Saturday was having their annual charity drive. Since there were people there that were quilters I thought that I would make an enticing array of CD Pin Keepers.

And here they are:

They all went into a silent auction. All of course sold. I was happy that they did. I am hopeing that their new owners will be very happy with them. As y'all can see, I had been playing a little with the rainbow gallery products that I had collect at that one dollar sale. I am very happy with the way that they turned out. I think that the "highlighting" with the golds on the SRE turned out really well.
We raised over 700 dollars for The Food Pantry. With these hard times upon us The Food Pantry will need all the help they can get!
Well on to the next project. I am making needle cases that will be posted on The Quilting Lion.