Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friendship Pin keepers

I am starting to go through my pictures so that I can start posting. Here are two shots that I thought that I would share with you first. The top one is my first attempt at and under the sea theme. I made this for a special friend. She has such a free spirit. I immediately thought of a sea sprite. So this is what I made for her.
After giving it to her she told me that she loved the sea. That her home is full of ocean and sea things. I have since lost touch with her. I am not sad because one day I know that I will see her again.

This next Pin Keeper was given to a very special patient of mine. She was in one of my nursing homes that I service for recovery and rehab. When I would go in at night before I could draw her blood, I would have to help her pick up pins from her bed as she was hand piecing blocks and dropped them all over the place. So I made this for her so that the loose pins would be kept at a minimum. She has been since sent home. I also know that I will see her again as I am hoping to enter into the Austin Quilt Show. She lives in Austin and attends the show. She is also a member of the Austin quilt guild.

God gives us friends. No matter if they are here for a life time or for just a little while, we need to cherish that friendship. They are the people who help shape our lives. They help us become who we need to be.

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