Thursday, October 30, 2008

Todays Pin Keeper

I got an email form a CQI member the other day showing me a pin keeper that she made. It is a beautiful pin keeper that was done in yellows with the most wonderful stitching.
She had stated in the email that she was not able to participate in the CQI pin keeper swap but she wanted me to see the pin keeper that she did. As I said it was wonderful, just beautiful!

So in returning her email I told her that I would be proud to swap with her. So here it is. The pin keeper that I made for her:



I had taken my time with this one as I had wanted to play with the design a little bit. I printed up the silkie from a trading card that I had recently found in the clutter of my desk. All of the stitching was done in silk ribbon, the high lights are from my recent going broke marathon in my favorite store. I am hoping that my new friend likes what I have done with the pin keeper.

This pin keep will be off to Finland tomorrow.



kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This is another lovely pinkeeper, Lyn!

helina said...

Hi Lyn,
this pinkeeper looks wonderful and I will be eager to have a look at my mailbox every day. I wii let you know when it arrives here! you have made a lot of work here, thank you for the swap.

Nicki Lee said...

Love your little girl pin keeper - how sweet!

Thank you for tstopping by my blog... if you are serious about me working on one of your blocks just email me... my email addy is on my blog.